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Service Principles


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Service Principles

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General Manager Remarks

Building a everlasting enterprise, become a reliable manufacturer and service provider in global grinding media fields.

———General Manager

Service Principles:

Shougang company always insist on the management method of “ Ensure product quality to meet customer needs ”, do the job well before sale, during sale and after sale, provide sincere and scientific service to customers. Our service network reached every place we sell, technical support will reply within 48 hours for customers needs.

Before sale service:

1)Selection on grinding media ball's size

2)Design and manufacture products according to customer's ball mill and working environment.

3)Training for customers in grinding balls applicaition.

4)Company send technical engineers to spot to provide best solution to customers for free.

5)Transportation ways and delivery recommended for choosing, like “door to door” service.

During sale service

1)Products check and accept.

2)Assist customer to monitor the products during it works.

3)Evaluation for product working performance.

After sale service

1)Customer's sample inspection;

2)Recommend new products;

3)Test on product's wearing resistance

4)Arrange reasonable and minimum storage based on customer's requirement.

5)Do regularly customer visiting and do technical communication