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Analyses the 2016 global mining development prospects


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Analyses the 2016 global mining development prospects

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Is expected in 2016 the minerals due to industrial transformation and upgrading of consumption will continue to change, the dollar's influence on the commodity market is also cannot be ignored. Despite the global recovery remains slow, but China and India will continue to play a twin-engine of world economic growth, represented by the south Asian emerging economies will become the new.
First, the slow recovery of world economy, energy and mining industry contribution to the force
If commodity prices to stabilise in 2016, emerging and developing economies may change, such as iron ore and oil exports of Brazil, Russia and the Middle East and some Latin American countries. Keep just steel ball is committed to open the Brazil and Russia market, so in 2016 the development of the mining will directly influence the development of keep just steel ball.
Second, mining companies mergers and acquisitions fell to lowest levels since the financial crisis, is expected to rebound in the short term
According to SNL metals and mining companies, 2014 global gold and base metal of mergers and acquisitions is recovering from a low of 2013, but overall is still in low level. Although the value of mining companies and mining assets have shrunk dramatically, but the big mining companies operating difficulties, can take out money for mergers and acquisitions of companies is not much.
BHP billiton, Rio tinto, glencore, barrick, group international mining giants such as Britain and America in order to reduce debt, improve profit margins, forced to mergers and acquisitions of assets transfer and stripping in the last few years. In May 2015, BHP billiton non-core assets, isolated from a named South32 company, which is mainly engaged in aluminum, steam coal, manganese, nickel, lead, zinc and silver. In 2015, the Chinese mining company has carried out some merger and acquisition activity, such as zijin mining to buy gold and Congo (gold) card to Papua New Guinea wave granite moire ultralarge-scale cu shares, etc.