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Reduce the loss of ball mill grinding machine for steel ball attrition effective method


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Reduce the loss of ball mill grinding machine for steel ball attrition effective method

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Forging and rolling ball main varieties of high carbon chromium molybdenum alloy, low carbon and manganese in class and class. Forging and rolling ball simple process, low manufacturing cost, considering the economic benefit of mine class wet processes at present generally adopts low chromium alloy grinding ball, the abrasion in the iron ore, copper, molybdenum is in commonly 500 ~ 700 grams left and right sides. Improve low chromium alloy ball hardness is the most effective way to reduce wear. Forging the ball of the carbon content is in commonly 1%, less than 2% chromium. Low chromium cast ball hardness shall generally be around HRC45, should as far as possible improve the hardness of low chrome cast iron ball, in order to improve the economic benefit.
Coal-fired power plant of the grinding ball do not outweigh the phi 60 mm in diameter. Cement and mining should be based on mill diameter, the lining board surface shape and the ball into the partical size grading. Grading principle is only one: reduce the diameter of the grinding ball as far as possible, because the ball mill is grinding machine, if on it to assume even if only a small part of the crushing effect, it is very inappropriate.  
Loss of ball mill ball has relations with many ways, such as steel ball size, steel ball movement forms, such as the ratio of steel ball, choose the appropriate parameters can greatly reduce the steel ball wear. Generally in accordance with the actual work experience, a storehouse grinding, because of the large feed particle size and so on grinding cylinder should be given priority to with impact, should increase the ball size. Two warehouse grind size is fine, mineral force should give priority to with grinding, should as far as possible to decrease the size of steel ball. Moreover, install the ball quantity of steel ball wear also has certain influence, when other conditions must put the ball rate increased in a certain range, can improve the effect of grinding, when loading rate reached 50%, is the best grinding effect. In addition, the steel ball wear also influenced by mill speed, as the mill speed increase gradually, cast steel ball movement from diarrhea falls to fall, when the rotation speed must be useful to achieve maximum power, then mill speed increase, will make the steel ball centrifugal movement, not the grinding effect.
Keep just specializing in the production of steel ball wear resistant steel casting, forging and steel section, has more than ten years of production experience, can provide customers choose wear-resistant steel ball with professional, reasonable Suggestions.