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Casting grinding ball complete solicitation forthcoming industry standards


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Casting grinding ball complete solicitation forthcoming industry standards

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 According to the report, wear-resistant materials industry standard "building materials industrial chromium alloy casting grinding ball" finished soliciting opinions, embarks on a formal discussion. New draft standard compared to the original standard in normative reference file, terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, chemically made revise and improve, will enhance the building materials industry with the technology content of chromium alloy casting grinding ball, is good for saving energy and reducing consumption and industrial upgrading. Wear-resistant casting is the foundation of the national industrial, appears to have nearly 2 million tons, are widely used in cement, building materials, thermal power energy, ore dressing, metallurgy, engineering machinery and other industries. Ningguo open-source wear-resisting as an industry leading companies, is the national steel wear-resisting material technology innovation strategy alliance launched units, wear-resisting material standardization committee director unit, in anhui province participated in the wear resistant steel castings, casting grinding ball, the casting grinding section and so on many national standards, industry standards and local standards drafting. The revision of the industry standard, will be able to effectively promote within the wear-resisting industry circulation economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and clean production, reduce solid waste, waste water discharge in the process of production, reduce energy consumption of tons of castings.   

  shougang steel ball will be in strict accordance with the building materials industry with chromium alloy casting grinding ball ", effectively clean production, reduce the production process of solid waste, waste water discharge, reduce casting wear-resistant steel, forging steel ball and wear resistant steel section of the energy consumption in the process of production.