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1.Mainproducingequipment:EquipmentnamequantityFeaturesEquipment'sannualcapacity50000TonsMassproduction,costsavingWorkshop'sno.5 Mediumfrequencyfurnace'sno.7set Heattreatmentlines2lines Castinglines6li

1.Main producing equipment:

Equipment name



Equipment's annual capacity

50000 Tons

Mass production, cost saving

Workshop's no.



Medium frequency furnace's no.

7 set


Heat treatment lines

2 lines


Casting lines

6 lines

Diameters from 10mm-150mm to meet various specification's requirement in small scale


1 line

Full automatic iron coated sand production line can meet clients requirements by large order, high efficiency

Advantages: Shougang brand's grinding media ball with smooth surface, no holes. Outlines are good and inside quality are even better. With the advanced production equipment and the abundant technical strength, company research and developed high chromium cast steel ball, cast cylpebs, it's cost performance has achieved the advanced level in country can fully meet customer's large purchasing requirements.


steel ball automatic production line
steel ball&cylpeb separation equipment

well-style tempering furnace
automatic production line
wind quenching heat treatment line
continuous oil quenching heat treatment line

2.Shougang team continuous enriching and improving production supply chain on forged steel balls, keep in learning with domestic advanced companies in technology and self innovate on products, most of the forged steel balls, diameter above 90mm are apply to air hammer forging method, the forged balls on diameter from 20mm-80mm are manufactured by skew rolling.



3.With abundant capital and technology, Shougang company could increase 10000 tons capacity on cast steel ball, wear resistant parts, cast liners in short time to meet the growing requirement of the market.

4.Shougang welcome friends from home and broad to invest on equipment for all levels and feasible business cooperation so as to form mutually beneficial win-win relation.