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Raw Materials Control


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Raw Materials Control

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1、Raw Materials Control on Forging Product:

1.1 Materials comes from large size channel, angle steel, steel scraps, all those materials will be selected and strictly checked under control.

1.2 According to the needs of different products, add high carbon ferro- chromium, low-carbon ferro-chromium, manganeisen, copper, ferrotitanium alloy, tombarthite separately, every alloy's actual content will be re-inspected in our laboratory.

1.3 Marked by label and stored separately for different alloys and steel sraps.


2、Raw materials control on forging products:

2.1 Various of round steel bars in different diameters are selected for making forging steel ball and wearing resistant steel bar.


2.2 Our qualify suppliers are selected from China Top ten special iron plants, these qualified suppliers are passed ISO9001 quality system approval, raw material's quality are superior.


2.3 When the round steel bars arrived our plant, they are always re-checked by our company including: chemical elements, mechanical properties of steel bars.


2.4 Label marking and location management are required based on various of round steel bar's material;